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DWI Facts & Analysis

DWIWatch.org is a grassroots non-profit organization whose mission is to gather factual information about DWI, DUI and other driving while impaired issues, and to provide analysis and recommendations to reduce fatalities, accidents and overall cost to society.

Ten Key Facts about DWI in New Mexico

Listen to the 1/22 KSFR interview (begins at 5:35)

Target Repeat Offenders, Not First-Time DWIs

Aggravated DWIs Are the Problem

December, 2009
State targets drunken drivers [12/22]
Governor backs cell-phone ban for drivers [12/15]
New law ties DWI interlock rule to licenses [12/15]
Richardson: N.M. improves in DWI ranking [12/12]
You drink, you drive, you lose your car [12/9]
State falls short on money for ignition interlocks for indigent [12/7]

November, 2009
Mired in controversy, teen program offers impaired youths a lift [11/26]
Aggravated DWIs Are the Problem [11/22]
Santa Fe officer convicted of DWI [12/17]
Fierro sentenced to seven years, could get out in three [11/13]
Checkpoint nets five DWI arrests [11/12]
Ex-state official disputes drunken driving arrest [11/06]

October, 2009
New Mexico drops out of DWI top 10 [10/16]
Mandatory interlock devices help keep drunken drivers off the streets [10/11]

September, 2009
Teens get close-up lesson on price of DWI [9/29]
Summit Aims to Put the Brakes on Texting While Driving [9/30]
Task force plots anti-DWI strategies [9/17]
Despite efforts, DWI crashes still afflict New Mexico [9/7]
The Breathalyzer Behind the Wheel [9/7]
DWI: Driving the message home [9/6]
On the lookout for drunken drivers [9/5]
Panel aims to keep DWI issue at forefront [9/3]
Court: Police can stop motorists evading checkpoints [9/1]

August, 2009
Vehicle forfeiture for DWI starts next week [8/26]
Mora County man snags 22nd DWI [8/25]
DWI Talks, Panels Ineffective [8/16]
Chef receives probation after DWI plea [8/13]
Families say DWI plea deal too lenient [8/10]
District attorney's office defends Fierro probe [8/6]
Scott Owens didn't start drinking at 21 [8/1]

July, 2009
'Bumps' stall city's DWI seizure plan [7/31]
Waldo Baca's DWI record [7/28]
Chronic DWI offender skirts system [7/28]
Fatal DWI: Sheriff says teen wasn't impaired [7/27]
DWI forfeiture fees proposed [7/21]
Owners of bar defend industry, talk about DWI issue [7/14]
Provisional licenses for teens may cut crash deaths [7/13]
Questions surround suspect's first DWI conviction [7/14]
100 turn out to talk DWI deterrence [7/8]
Investigators: Beer cans, suspected marijuana in Jeep [7/7]
Interlock advocate wants release from device [7/7]
Forum on DWI tonight [7/7]
City's DWI vehicle seizure law gathers dust [7/6]
DWI suspect was over legal limit [7/6]
Coss pledges communitywide effort to curb DWI [7/5]
New law toughens DWI sanctions [7/1]

June, 2009
Kate and Alyssa remembered for leadership, passion and inspiration [6/29]
Teens rail over state's lax DWI laws as they mourn [6/29]
Officer faces DWI charges [6/29]
Suspect's exam revealed no addiction [6/29]
Four Santa Fe teens killed in wrong-way collision [6/29]

January - May, 2009
Sheriff begins impounding DWI vehicles [5/19]
Governor appears in anti-DWI spots [5/1]
Judge issues wake-up call to DWI offender [4/22]
DWI: The problem that won't go away [3/6]
More than a watering hole [2/23]
Prosecutor stays on job after DWI, gun charges [2/17]
DWI fatalities: A cost without measure [1/7]

Police to crank up patrols tonight [12/30]
Progress, tragedy: DWI a continuinig crisis [12/14]
Fatal hit-and-run: Attorney's previous DWI dismissed [12/3]
DWI suspect run over by own truck [11/25]
Police: Drunken driver hit pedestrian [10/20]
Family, friends welcome closure in DWI death [10/14]
Deputies make bevy of DWI arrests in S.F. [9/7]
Technology tries to stay ahead of DWI cheaters [8/30]
DWI: County ride program sees drop in numbers [8/7]
PRC candidate doesn't recall charge [6/27]
Immigration agents rack up arrests [6/10]
Jury awards $14.5 million to family of DWI victim [5/21]
Gordon House case: court upholds DWI conviction [5/6]
High court ousts Rio Arriba magistrate [5/28]
Santa Fe High coach Ronquillo faces DWI charges [5/27]
Five survive head-on crash on I-25 [5/11]
Police: Suspect in fatal crash in hiding [4/30]
Victim, DWI offender share their story [2/6]
Supporters push DWI measures [2/6]
Santa Fe man adds to string of DWI arrests [1/28]
Santa Fe woman son killed in suspected DWI crash [1/1]

Field of grief a reminder of DWI deaths [12/4]
Man hellbent on halting wrong-way driver [11/6]
DWI's one-year toll [11/4]
One year after, families struggle to move forward [11/3]
Airline, Giant Industries named in DWI crash lawsuit [11/1]
Working to keep drivers on the right side [10/27]
Defense questions decision to charge passenger in DWI crash [10/12]
Chronic DWI offender questions plea deals [1/20]
  Have a safe holiday [12/29]
Underage drinking is a problem beyond DWI [12/21]
Sober Driving Danger [12/5]
Drink, drug program is long-term fix [9/12]
Liquor lobby [9/11]
DWI offender didn't commit 22 crimes alone [9/10]
Getting a grip on DWI reform [9/5]
EspaƱola must rally against teenage drinking [8/29]
No to alcohol [8/22]
DWI safe haven [8/20]
Re: Free Scott Owens [8/13]
Free Scott Owens [7/26]
Fierro's defense strategy provokes comments [7/23]
Fierro's defense strategy provokes comments [7/22]
DWI - 4 Letters to the Editor [7/17]
The-war on drunken driving, long and with many fronts [7/11]
DWI - 12 Letters to the Editor [7/11]
Lean on legislators [7/11]
DWI Checkpoint Alert Site Is Shameless [7/9]
Recent fatal crashes reveal community strength [7/8]
Many factors converged in fatal crash [7/4]
Drunken driving is choosing to do harm [7/4]
DWI - 4 Letters to the Editor [7/2]



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